James R. Ashworth II

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jim & Bettye

Monday, March 12, 2007


I am retired navy. Currently I am on the campus of the Veteran Business Training Center (VBTC) Virtual Classroom. Since I have been attending classes at the VBTC, I have improved my computer knowledge greatly. When I first started using computers, it was for E-mails and an occasional look at some websites.

Now I am able to use Windows XP with confidence. The VBTC has also taught me how to use the Microsoft Office applications. Excel, Power Point, Word, and how to send attachments and Drafting letters, Documents and so on. They even have classes on a Emotional Intelligence Workshop (EIW), for Self assessment, and how to relate to Customer Contacts, over the telephone.

I am also a retired Communications Technician from A.T.&T. Since I had some experience with Customer Service (800 WATS Repair) and also with various testing with customers and other telephone companies, working in the VBTC Call Centers as an agent and making numerous calls and repeated practice on different campaigns has made a huge difference in my telephone experiences with people.

I have increased my typing speed from 30 wpm at the beginning of classes to over 50 wpm at the present time.